Steps to install BuildTopia(Creative Destruction CH)

Steps to install BuildTopia(Creative Destruction CH)

Steps to install BuildTopia – Pasi pentru instalare BuildTopia

Steps to install it:

1. Go to this link for the Windows(PC) version: (direct download to pc)

2. Go to this link for the ANDROID version for verification: (from your mobile)

2.1. Go to this link for the IOS version: (from your mobile)

3. After both(PC and Android or IOS) are installed open both of them

4. When it asks to read a QR code(on your pc) use the opened app(game) on your mobile and press(with your finger) on the icon above the wrench/key to scan the code from the game opened on your pc and pick a random name/account from there; no email or password required.

This is the QR code you get that you need to scan using the second image.

Scan the above(the game opened on your pc) using this icon here in the image below.

5. Done enjoy your gaming experience

Pasi de urmat:

1. Descarca varianta pt Windows:

2. Descarca varianta pt Android: 

2.1. Descarca varianta pt IOS:

3. Dupa ce ambele(si PC si Android sau IOS) sunt instalate deschidele

4. Cand varianta de pe PC cere sa scanezi un cod QR deschide aplicatia de pe mobil si apasa pe iconita de deasupra cheii(a 3-a icoana din dreapta in jos … seamana cu o liniuta jos si 2 paranteze ( __  ) ca sa iti creezi un cont aleator pentru varianta de pc, unde alegi un nume aleator pentru contul tau viitor fara inregistrare cu email

Acesta este codul QR ce trebuie scanat folosind imaginea de mai jos cu telefonul mobil intrat in varianta de mobil a jocului.

Acea iconita te ajuta sa scanezi codul QR de mai sus.

5. Gata, baga mare la kill-uri 🙂

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